Computer Data Recovery
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Is your computer out of warranty and won't start up?

Do you want to recover your data? If the computer has suffered a costly hardware failure it may be uneconomic to have it repaired.

However, this does not mean that you have lost your documents, pictures and videos.

If the Hard Disk Drive is still working I can help you recover your data.

Is your computer in warranty but the hard drive has failed?

Before arranging to have your hard drive replaced under warranty, it is worth checking to see if your data can be recovered.

Service includes:

  • By using specialist tools and software the hard drive data is accessed and the data can be recovered. If successful, the data will then be transferred a storage media device.
  • For cases where the data cannot be recovered, I can refer you to a specialist Data Recovery service for more complex data retrieval.
  • Advice on data backup options to prevent data loss in the future.
Data can be recovered from multiple types of media and devices:
Multiple storage manufacturers - such as Dell, HP, IBM and Intel etc.
Databases - such as Filemaker, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Oracle etc.
Operating systems - Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix etc.
Optical - CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD ROM etc.
Electronic - Memory sticks, SD media, Solid State Drives and USB drives etc.
Magnetic - RAID, SAN, NAS, IDE, SATA and Floppy Disks etc
Tape media - LTO, 8mm, 4mm and DLT etc.

Service areas:

For a full list of service areas, please see our FAQs.

Service price:

$165.00 * No fee charged if no data can be recovered
* Price is per each computer hard drive

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