Computer Maintenance Check Up
Regular servicing keeps you running

Keep your computer smooth, fast and efficient

Is your computer running slow or having multiple performance issues? Computers are just like cars! They both need regular servicing to run properly.

It is recommended that your computer is serviced once a year for home use and every 6 months for computers used for business.

Running a series of maintenance diagnostic checks can improve the performance and security of your computer.

Service includes:

  • Hardware and software diagnostic tests to find any faults and check functionality and speed
  • Installation of hardware driver software updates
  • Installation of Operating System updates
  • Check Operating System and software apps for issues
  • Check Power settings
  • Check memory use of installed applications
  • Check for unnecessary apps that could be slowing down your computer
  • Check the backup method is working correctly
  • Scan Hard Drive for errors
  • Hard Disk Drive Optimisation
  • Hard Disk Clean up to free storage space
  • Dust removal

Service areas:

For a full list of service areas, please see our FAQs.

Service price:

* Price is per each computer

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