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Confused about choosing the right computer?

Do you need advice on choosing a new PC or lap top computer running Microsoft Windows? I can help save you money purchasing a new DELL PC or lap top computer.

Picking the right computer brand, model, specifications and warranty period to suit your needs can be confusing but I can help.

Service includes:

  • Discuss with you what the computer will be used for
  • Advice on choosing the right brand, model, specifications and warranty period to match your needs
  • Advice on choosing the right display monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Advice on any additional docking stations and adapters required for your set up.
  • Being a member of the Dell Expert Network, enables me to save you money on the retail price by arranging the cheapest new DELL computer price quote
  • The computer will come with on-site hardware warranty support from Dell. This is a big benefit. If the computer has a hardware fault, you won't have to take it back to a retail store to be sent away to be fixed. Instead the Dell technician will come to you to fix it.

Service areas:

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Service price:

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